Boro is now Kora

An overview of everything you need to know about our name change.

Why did Boro change its name to Kora?

We started this company in 2015 as a way to help international students access auto financing, even without SSN or credit history. As our mission and products grew, and with the introduction of our mobile app with an expense tracker, we realized there’s no greater financial app for college students to manage and learn about personal finances. Our new name, Kora, will allow us to continue expanding our mission as we introduce new features and products to save money, grow your knowledge and build your credit history.

How does this impact my loans?

It doesn’t! While our company name is changing, our suite of products and services are not changing in functionality, and changing in product name only to KoraCash (BoroCash) and KoraDrive (BoroDrive). But check back soon for some exciting new features. The servicer of your existing loans remains Westbon Inc. (formerly Boro), so there is no change in your loan agreement terms.

Do I need to do anything?

Make sure you update to the latest version of our app in the iOS App Store or Google Play Store. You know it’s updated if it has the Kora app name and icon. If you don’t update the Boro app, certain features like expense tracking and BoroCash will not work.

How do I refer friends to Kora?

Kora comes with a brand new referral system that makes it easier to invite friends. Instead of long, complicated links, you can give your friends a code to enter when they sign up. Check the app for more details! Please note that your old Boro referral links will stop working starting August 26, 2021. 

What does Kora mean?

Kora takes after “cora”, a Central American slang word for “quarter,” and a nod to our beginnings when we helped international students access financing. We like to think it keeps the spirit of Boro while allowing us to expand our mission!

How do I get in touch?

Our new website is All of our contact info like address and phone number hasn’t changed except our support email is now

What changes have been made to the Terms of Use, online Privacy Policy or other disclosures?

  • Terms of Use

We’ve recently updated our terms of service to reflect our new name and update our email communication section. Please access our new Terms of Use here

  • Privacy Policy

We’ve recently updated our privacy policy to reflect information sharing between Kora Financial Inc. (dba Kora) and Westbon Inc. (formerly Boro) our loan servicer. Please read the new policy here.

  • Electronic Communications Agreement

We’ve recently updated our Electronic Communications Agreement to reflect our name change to Kora. Please review the agreement here.