Can international students use Kora?

International students are welcome to use the Kora app and apply for both KoraCash and KoraDrive.

At Kora, we believe all college students should have access to our financial products, with no exceptions. Kora provides loan services for qualified college and university students or recent graduates (graduated within a 3 year period).

What if I don't have a credit score in the U.S.?

If you're an international student looking to build credit in the U.S. you are eligible to apply for both KoraCash and KoraDrive without prior credit history. Making payments on both can help establish a positive credit history.

Even if you do not have a Social Security Number (“SSN”), major credit bureaus will hold onto your payment records reported by Kora. Once you get your SSN, the credit records you previously created (with your Kora loan for example) will be linked to your SSN. Note that you do need an SSN to apply for KoraCash.


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