How come I haven’t received my money?

We've got a few tricks. Check your app, check your email and check all connected bank accounts. Let's see how we can help.

Funds are disbursed every weekday (we can’t do weekend disbursements yet). From disbursement, funds are typically deposited in your bank account within 24-48 hours, depending on your bank. If you’ve already reviewed and signed your loan agreement, but haven’t received your funds, here are a couple things to check:

Check the app: once your funds are disbursed, a message should appear that says your money is on the way. Log back into the app to see if there were any issues. We will usually update the status to notify you of any issues.

Check your email: upon disbursement, some customers need to verify their bank accounts by sending bank statements. If we need statements from you, we’ll send you an email. Be sure you reply - we can’t disburse to you until you do.

Check your bank account: if you have multiple bank accounts attached to your Boro account, we may have disbursed the funds to a different account. We automatically disburse to whichever account you have marked as primary, so make sure you’re looking at that account. Either way, check your other accounts to make sure the funds didn’t end up in another account.

If you aren’t seeing your money after that, create a service request ticket and we will get right on it.


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