What payment methods are accepted?

Kora has enabled several different payment methods for customers to pay their accounts.

Debit Card

Sometimes, customers may prefer to make a payment using their debit card instead of their bank account.  No problem!  Simply click here to access our debit card payment portal.  Payments with a debit card are logged overnight and will reflect on the customer's account the next day.

Please note, there is a 1.4% convenience fee associated with making a debit card payment.



All customers initially enable ACH when they receive their loan.  ACH payment methods are direct transfers from a customer's bank account to Kora.  There are two ways to connect your bank account directly with Kora:

  1. Plaid - Plaid is our third-party bank connection partner that allows a customer to easily share their bank account credentials with Kora in a safe and quick way for future payments
  2. Manual Connection - For some customers, Plaid might not be an option.  Kora has enabled a manual connection option where customers can input their routing and account number directly.  From there, customers will be asked to email our Support Team documents for verification

For more information on updating your bank information, visit this article.



It might seem a little unconventional, but Kora does accept check payments in the event all other options are unavailable.  If you need to pay by check, please ensure you double-check who to make the check out to:

  • KoraDrive: "Westbon Inc"
  • KoraCash: "Westbon Inc"

Please send all checks directly to our corporate office at:

Kora Financial

500 West Madison Street, 1000

Chicago, IL 60661


Other Options

The following are a few other options Kora has made available to customers in the event all other options are not viable:

  • Paypal - send the funds to email treasury@borocredit.com
  • Zelle - send the funds to email treasury@borocredit.com

Please be aware of any fees associated with using Paypal to ensure the net amount is the intended payment amount.