Using Autopay for KoraCash: FAQ

You can pay back your KoraCash installments using an autopay feature within the Kora app, helping you to stay on top of your payments and making them on time.

Q: How do I turn off autopay?
A: You can find the autopay settings in the KoraCash tab of the Kora App. Tap on your "Payment Details" and then tap "Autopay" to change your autopay to turn it on/off.

Q: When is my automatic payment withdrawn?

A: Your payment is initiated on the noted transaction date. Once a payment is initiated it cannot be stopped, so please make sure your payment method is ready the day before—that is, have money in your payment account!

Q: How do I enroll in autopay?
A: You can enroll in autopay via the slider button on the application flow for KoraCash when selecting a repayment account.

Q: Why can't I turn on/off autopay?

A: You can't change your autopay settings the day your payment is due. Please make any changes to payment settings at least a day before.