What vehicles are eligible for KoraDrive?

Learn more about KoraDrive vehicle requirements and which dealerships we work with.

What are the vehicle requirements?

For KoraDrive, your car must be no older than 9 years since its manufacture date and with 90k or less miles, and no accident records on CARFAX. Used and pre-owned cars are acceptable. Currently, Kora will only finance cars from licensed auto dealerships, not private sellers. 

What kind of dealerships can I work with?

You can work with any dealership within our covered states. We’ll also accept online car dealers like Carvana. 


What happens if the car I originally applied for is no longer available?

No problem. Send us an email at underwriting@koramoney.com with the new vehicle’s VIN, mileage, and purchase price so we can update your loan terms. With a change in vehicle, it’s possible that your loan terms will change as well.

What does the third-party value of my vehicle mean?

We derive the value of vehicles from a variety of third party sources that use market data so that we have consistency in structuring our loans.  This is often referred to as “book value” and is used to help us ensure that you are paying a fair market price for your new car.

Can I finance a motorcycle with KoraDrive?

Currently, Kora can only finance cars.